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Mixers that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability

As a specialised manufacturer of high quality mixing equipment with many years’ experience in handling the most challenging applications we have an in-depth knowledge of the sophisticated technology requirements of biogas applications. We have applied this practical knowledge to develop a range of mixers that combine maximum efficiency with unparalleled durability. Dependent on boundary conditions these mixers are available in propeller diameters of 2,500 mm, 1,400 mm, 1,000 mm and 650 mm.

PTM mixers are top quality products.


Heavy duty propeller

Inspired by the idea of developing a propeller that combines in one product near indestructability with the highest degree of functionality.
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Heavy duty cleaning thread

The design of conventional propellers results in cords, ropes and fibres accumulating between the propeller and the mixer housing because of the pressure ratios. This subsequently leads to damage both to the propeller and the machine.
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Heavy duty drive unit

A key component of a mixer is without doubt the drive unit. This is why PTM does not use standard motors but has instead relied for many years on tried and tested submersible motors which have been specially developed to meet the requirements of biogas applications and optimised by many years of practical experience.
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Heavy duty mechanical seal

The reliability of a mixer depends on the high quality of the seal protecting the machine from the medium. To ensure a mechanical seal functions correctly it is vital that the spring presses on the sliding surfaces with sufficient force. In traditional designs, however, the spring mechanism required is located in the area that can be affected by the medium.
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Mixers made by PTM are in use
throughout the world.

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