The smart mixer - Along with feeding and CHP, mixer technology is one of the most important components of a biogas plant. The future therefore belongs to the smart mixer. Imagine   being able to monitor the technical condition of a mixer in real time. This would allow repair or maintenance to be scheduled at the right time before damage has occurred. Repair costs are considerably reduced, because the more significantly expensive consequential damage will thus be prevented. Such a system can be implemented with sophisticated sensor technology for monitoring the bearing, motor and oil temperature, and the functionality of the mechanical seals.

After all, damage to mixers does not happen randomly, but rather can be anticipated by changes in the behaviour of certain components in the machine over a defined period of time. There can be numerous reasons for this. But if you are aware of the usual condition of the mixer, should you notice changes to its normal operation you can make a considerably more objective decision as to whether, for example, it makes sense to carry out maintenance on a mixer while a container is opened or in extreme circumstances to remove it. On the other hand, it makes less sense from a commercial point of view to preemptively remove a mixer from the reactor.

PTM Cloud - If you are connected to our PTM cloud system, we are also happy to notify you on request about a critical operating state and will of course help you to solve the problem safely and sustainably. For example, a mechanical seal can be replaced quickly and cheaply if the fault is recognised in a timely manner, before the medium can find its way into the gears or motor.

Autopilot - Particularly in industrial but also in smaller professionally operated biogas plants, monitoring the mixing progress is an essential and time-consuming task. As the flow  behaviour changes constantly, it is very often the case that either mixing is insufficient or energy is wasted because the mixer is simply operating at too high a speed. A system of regulation, by which certain factors relating to the mixer power being expended are analysed in real time and linked to a intelligent solution, can solve this problem entirely automatically.


Many years of experience - A sophisticated mixer cannot be developed solely using a computer. We know that, in addition to a solid technical basis, it is only through broad application knowledge and many years of experience that a machine can really be put to practical use in the most challenging situations. Based on our research and development using
state-of-the-art CFD analysis, all features were developed and implemented under real conditions, without compromise.


The best materials - These create excellent, durable products. Therefore, when we were developing our technology, we took care to ensure that the materials used satisfied the highest requirements in terms of wear, durability and functionality. The material makes the difference.This applies in particular to the critical parts of a mixer, such as the propeller, motors, mechanical seals and gears.


Premium supplier - We have created the perfect environment at PTM to help us be a long-term partner for you. We believe in capable companies which distinguish themselves through outstanding technological knowledge and the highest quality standards. This means that you can be sure that, even after a long time, you are purchasing machines and spare parts which  are a perfect fit and of the highest quality.


Individual quality checks - Quality and reliability are the guiding principles of our business. Therefore we are fundamentally committed to carrying out a critical assessment on every single mixer before it is delivered to the customer. We check every single machine in specific detail to ensure that it is functioning in accordance with the highest quality standards.

“A submersible mixer for biogas installations must be able to run for at least 50,000 operating hours to be commercially viable for the operator.”


signature Kay Rostalski