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As a highly specialised manufacturer, we bring many years of experience together with state-of-the-art technology. The result is a submersible mixer for the most challenging situations - the PHANTOM.

The PHANTOM is the product of our in-depth application knowledge in the biogas sector, and provides a comprehensive solution for your biogas plant. The PHANTOM combines the utmost efficiency and maximum durability in one product for the first time. Well-thought out and tested down to the last detail, a shielded mechanical seal in tandem execution provides for reliable sealing, for example. The motor with high reserve also resists even increased temperatures without a problem, providing a solution to the challenges posed by high-fibre and high-viscosity media.

Propellers in submersible mixers in biogas plants naturally sustain a lot of wear. This is why the PHANTOM is equipped with a monolithic propeller made of a high-performance plastic. Clearly superior to both conventional metallic and also glass-fibre materials, it delivers the required high level of efficiency and reliability even over a long period of use.

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In very many biogas plants only fast running submersible mixers have been installed. A large part of the energy input is thereby expunged, to some extent unnecessarily, by the creation of local turbulences, especially in fermenters and postdigesters. In extreme cases several fast runners then operate only in the restricted caverns that surround them. The Phantom 2500 is a sensible alternative here. Thanks to its 2.5 m diameter propeller this large mixer can produce extraordinarily large thrust despite low energy consumption, thereby creating a global underflow in the fermentation tank which is gentle on bacteria. Our Repowering-Pipe System can be easily retrofitted in the filled tank. Although the Phantom 2500 generates far larger thrust forces than a fast runner, it only requires a fraction of the energy, enabling both the mixing to be improved and the energy costs to be reduced by up to 70% as part of a retrofitting measure.

Technical data


Propeller material: Physinit®
Propeller diameter: 2500 mm
Propeller speed: 46 rpm
Max. axial thrust: 7000 N



Energy efficiency class: IE3
Explosion protection zone: : II 2G Ex db h IIB T3Gb
Motor power: 9 kW
Max. permissible temperature: 60°C


Our Phantom 2500 can generate an extraordinary amount of thrust despite low energy consumption.