Heavy Duty Mixers in Biogas Plants

Being a highly-specialised manufacturer, we combine many years of experience with high technology. The result is a submersible mixer for the toughest applications - The PHANTOM.

The PHANTOM is the product of our extensive application know-how in the biogas industry and provides a comprehensive solution for your biogas plant. The PHANTOM provides the highest efficiency and maximum durability are combined in one product for the first time Well thought out and rigorously tested, a special shielded tandem mechanical seal ensures for reliable leak tightness.

The high motor reserve also despite increased temperatures without any problems - the solution for challenges posed by high-fibre and high-viscosity media.

Naturally, the propellers of submersible mixers in biogas plants are subject to high wear. For this reason, the Phantom is equipped with a monolithic propeller made of a high-performance plastic. Clearly superior to both conventional metallic as well as glass-fibre materials, it delivers the required boost, highly efficient and reliably, even over a long period of use. 



Heavy-Duty Mixers for Drilling Mud and Bentonite Processing

Being for drilling mud in tunnel construction / civil engineering, tanker ships in the offshore sector for the exploitation of oil and gas, or in bentonite processing, mixers from PTM are always the right choice.

Tunnel construction:
The activities in civil engineering and tunnel construction are increasing each year. An indispensable module in conjunction with this is the use of drilling fluids. These do not only have to be mixed effectively, they also have to be kept suspended in order to prevent sedimentation in the storage vessels. Mixers from PTM have been a reliable guarantee for the fulfilment of all mixing tasks in this sector.

Offshore exploitation of oil and gas:
With the production of gas and oil in the offshore sector, different types of drilling mud are also used. With high temperatures and specific weights in some cases, the operating material must be transported to the processing plants in specially equipped tanker ships for further processing. Here, the reduction and consolidation must also be avoided so that the tanks can be emptied at their destination and be reused again. The PTM mixers ensure for a smooth course of operation, even with the most stubborn operating materials and high abrasion stress.

Bentonite processing:
Once the suspensions have arrived safely at the bentonite processing plant overland or by sea, here the operating material must also be kept in a form that it can be handled or pumped. PTM mixers liquefy and homogenise with a high thrust force and proven low-wear technology